Unable login to Magento admin locally by using Vagrant and NFS

When I installed Magento locally on Vagrant machine, I was unable to login. There were no errors, just page reloaded during on submit action. Than I tried to google this issue, and in all web-sites I got same answer with possible problems: permissions, cookies…

Tried people suggestions, but unfortunately nothing helped… Than I tried to turn of NFS file sync in vagrant machine and then I was able login to admin.

So forums were right, problem was with file permissions. Than I remembered that during installation I specified to save session variables to file system. So I reinstalled Magento eShop, this time I specified to save session variables to Database and restarted my vagrant machine with NFS file sync again.

Volia! I can login to magento admin and eShop works with NFS.

Easier way to do this: open app/etc/local.xml file, and replace line:




Now just clean var/cache , var/session and everything will work 😉

  • Peter Böthig

    In Case, that you dont see any cookie named “frontend” or “adminhtml”, wenn you reload the page, the magento cookie wasnt set. In my case I have a wrong cookie_domain. I used “null” instead of “NULL”.

    As I set my cookie_domain to NULL in core_config_data, the problem was solved